Waterdrop Chubby Review for 2020 – 7 Stage Pitcher


With great quality comes great prices, is a general conception of the buyers these days. So, presenting to you an inexpensive 10 cup water filter pitcher by Waterdrop Chubby which not only fulfills your wish of being able to drink clean water but also trust on its quality. We’re not only impressed by its performance but also with the amazing design.


Waterdrop Chubby Water Filter Pitcher

Kudos to the manufacturer who introduced a 7-stage filtration system in this product. Let’s now discuss the most important list i.e, the list of toxins that this product is capable of removing :

  • Fluoride (inorganic)
  • Chlorine
  • Arsenic
  • Lead
  • Limescale

A very harmful toxin that this product helps us in removing is Sulphur. At the same time this pitcher’s filter is capable of getting rid of fluoride (inorganic). However, for specific removal of ‘organic’ fluoride, buyer may require an activated charcoal filter.

Keep this in your mind that, this filter is not essentially made to target the TDS level of water. As we all know that in order to get rid of dissolved salts from the water Reverse-Osmosis system is required. Therefore, you can’t expect this filter to remove the dissolved salts. If we talk about its longevity then you’ll be quite impressed that it can function up to 200 gallons of water. The number seems to be impressive because it is more than the average height of the water pitcher. You will save approximately 1600 bottles made of plastic (16 oz.).

You can order for a spare /replacement filter from the same manufacturer. A drawback you might feel is that unlike pitchers of different manufacturers, this pitcher does not come with two filter sets. You don’t need to open the lid of the pitcher to pour water; a small spout is present on the lid which helps in pouring water without any spill. Talking about design further; it has a slim design which makes it easily fit in the refrigerator.

Also, the handle is made up of wood which allows you to carry it easily from one place to another even when it’s filled. How can we not mention the quality of this product? The plastic used in its making is BPA-free. Certain pitchers have a ribbed silicone base in order to avoid slipping, but in this pitcher the base cover is also made out of plastic.

An amazing feature this product caters us is the indicator. There’s a LED light situated on the lid which is blue and red. If the indicator lights blue light then it’d mean all is well with the filter but in case red light blinks then it means you need to replace the filter cartridge as soon as possible and incase red light is continuously on it shows that the filter has expired and can’t purify water anymore.


  • Can fill around 10 cups
  • Size proportions – 10.4 x 5.3 x 10 inches
  • Mass of product – 2.3 lb
  • Life of filter – 200 gallons


  • Design – Helps in easy pouring of water through the spout. Can easily fit in the refrigerator
  • Helpful – 7 step filtration helps in getting rid of most of the contaminants in your water
  • Sufficient capacity – fills around 10 cups. Average cup it can fill is 7.
  • Eco-friendly – material used in this product is BPA-free plastic which ensures that your health is not compromised at the stake of product’s quality.
  • LED indicator – it is one of the most attractive features that tells you when to change the filter.


  • Base isn’t made of silicon – makes pitcher less stable
  • Doesn’t target removal of TDS as its main aim while various pitchers present in the market does that.
  • Can remove only inorganic fluoride. An activated charcoal filter is required to handle, organic fluoride (this filter doesn’t comes with the set).



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