Seychelle Water Filter Pitcher Review for 2020


Introducing filter – pitcher, a product of Seychelle. This product is a blessing to you if you’re obsessed about water filtration but have a large household. This pitcher helps in quicker water filtration because of the 2 cartridges present in the filter.


Consumers are most of the times worried about the quality of the materials used in a product’s making; but, now you can take a breath of relief a materials used in pitcher’s making are FDA-approved as well as the plastic used has been found BPA free. This pitcher has a unique designs which ensures a better flow of water and helps in pouring water faster and without spilling a drop.

Roughly 200 gallons of filtered water can be provided with this pitcher, whole credit goes to its dual filters; the quantity of filtered water isn’t limited to two hundred gallons it is capable of providing more quantity of cleansed water in case your area’s water is not densely contaminated. Elements like copper, chlorine, lead, zinc, fluoride, mercury, aluminum, arsenic and chromium can be removed up to a great extent using this product’s filter. It’ll help in removing contaminants from the water without disturbing the proportions of those minerals required by our body.

It helps you in relishing the health benefits of the significant minerals like calcium, magnesium; therefore, stop worrying about intake of contaminants. A thing to note is that you can’t expect this product to filter well water; hence, use only chlorinated water for filtering using this product. If you wish to filter well water then make sure you use another filter before filtering it through this product


Seychelle Pitcher Water Filter Pitcher

Two filtering cartridges makes it more special in comparison to others available in market. Presence of these filters makes this pitcher more efficient. It’s eligible in getting rid of almost all of the toxins present in your drinking water and at the same time maintains mineral level of water.

These filters helps in the removal of 99.99% of the pollutants, for example: chromium, chlorine, aluminum, fluoride, arsenic, mercury copper, lead, and zinc, it’s not limited to these elements though. Filtered water will definitely feel fresh and clear. Another thing you should know about these filters before buying it is that, these filters are incapable of getting rid of salts from the water.

That’s is the reason why you’re not advised to use these water filter pitchers if your household’s water supply too is connected to a water softener using a technology called ‘ion exchange’.

If water used for drinking in your house isn’t extracted from a source which uses disinfectants then filter pitcher isn’t something you should rely on. In short don’t use the pitcher for filtering water if it wasn’t filtered previously using reverse osmosis system. Here comes a doubt asked by most of the consumers that why should they use this product if they are using RO system at their place? Out of many a very significant advantage of using it is that the filtration process of water will be quicker.

Filter Longevity

Its maximum filtration capacity is up to 200 gallons. Which means you’ll get around 120 days of filtered water if you buy a cartridge pair.

Don’t forget flushing the filters before you use them. Because of the high water pressure when you flush the filters, it’ll give rise to more micro-fissures in the cartridge; this will ensure a finer flow of water.

Another thing that you should know is, in case water in your area has high levels of magnesium/ calcium present in water it might block the micro-fissures present in the cartridge; which might further lead to slow water flow.

Pitcher Capacity

You at maximum can fill 0.5 gallons or 64 ounces in the pitcher, because of this you may have to fill the pitcher quite a lot of times in a day (depending upon an individual’s water consumption).

It’s easy to you as lid, carafe and the filter tray are washable in a dishwasher too.


  • Quick Filling– Dual water filters help in filling up of the pitcher quickly. Before use if you don’t forget to flush the filters then you’ll be gifted with amazing water flow.
  • BPA-Free Material – Plastic components used in the model’s making is made up of BPA-free sources. It means that the plastic would not leak into your water source. This is a great feature, as consumption of plastic is considered harmful.
  • Amazing Filters – These filters can remove around 99.99% of the usual toxins found in a city water source.


  • Unable of Filtering Salt Water – Most important disadvantage of using this product is that you can’t use it for salty water, even if the saltwater is processed through a water softener. If you still use them, then the filters will block and you’ll have to spend more money on buying new filters.
  • Delicate Filters – These filters are capable of stopping the pollutants from reaching the water you drink, but they’re delicate if salt is present in the water, or if it contains high levels magnesium or calcium, filters of the cartridges may get jammed.
  • Affected Longevity due to salts– filters might get clogged due to the high presence of salts like magnesium/ calcium, this may slow down, or even stop the process of filtration altogether.

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