Morton System Saver M30 – 30,000 Grain Water Softener Review


The Morton System Saver Water Softener is a boon to those nuclear families who have less water consumption. This is one of the most fascinating product you will find across the market with a particular target to achieve. You would be taken aback to know how small it is in size in comparison to the great work it does. We should definitely thank the developer for this creatively built product, which does not take a considerable portion of spacing away from your house.

The developer has kept the design simple and modest yet mobile, which makes its usage simplified, owing to which you’ll not find an additional brine tank.

Main Properties

It is impossible not to talk about the size of the device; it is so practically designed that its portable size becomes one of its major attractions. 43 inches tall and 17 inches wide sized device makes it irresistible for the consumers to buy it. Thanks to its minimal proportions that it can perform its duties well without taking away the essential spacing from your house. The primary concern of the buyers is with regard to the GPM.

But to your surprise, it is just a matter of 11 GPM which you can expect when we talk about the water flow. We must applaud the reasonable statistics instead of worrying about it.

The capacity to which this device can hold on to is 30,000 grain. This makes it obvious to trust that the regeneration cycles will take place after every 3 gallons. In reality, it isn’t a specified digit due to the visible Electronic “look-ahead” technology. Actually, it will “predict” the quantity of water you will need to use. It will then organize its respective regeneration cycle.

What Does It Remove?

You may now start celebrating the minimal consumption of detergents as well as soaps, which this device provides as a boon. Due to the reduced limescale, you’ll require a minimum quantity of the supplement products for washing dishes, laundry, or bathing. It will give your laundry a naturally brand new look.

Although this device doesn’t provide a water filter yet, you can observe the lessen amount of iron in the water. All you need to do is use the right salt wisely. You’ll be surprised to see the reduced amounts of iron the water as soon as you install the Morton Rust Remover device, making water healthier for consumption. Keep a note in your mind that chlorine’s taste is something that you can’t eliminate.

The Contents of the Set

Who would not like to use their water while the unit regenerates? Well, for that, you might need the pre-installed bypass valve, which will ensure the same results as you want. Another blessing is that it comes pre-installed with the whole device because of which there’s no need to purchase it individually. You are allowed to buy 1 more similar valve only if you want a proper second (the bypass) connection.

Device’s installation might involve risk due to its touchy features. That is the reason why it is advised to contact an expert plumber for this work. A plumber or person without professional expertise might face problems at installing the device (water softener) correctly. You can connect the equipment outside, but for that, it is mandatory to live in sober climatic conditions. The extreme freezing temperature might lead to uncertain outcomes.

What to Expect

The most frequently asked question is regarding the assembling and installation of the product; for this, you can take advantage of the expert customer service at your doorstep. This also is an answer to the problems with respect to its maintenance.

You might face problems related to Leaks. The issues might be in relation to the fragile collar clip, which provides support to the main valve to the resin tank. In order to prevent such a problem make sure that it’s firmly fastened; this will guarantee the utmost well-being as well as serviceability.

If you’re not content even now, then you can go through the recent feedbacks and consumer’s guide regarding the best seller water softeners.


  • Firm design – can adjust almost everywhere. No supplementary parts or components attached apart from the cartridge.
  • Electronic “look-ahead” – this device can help in predicting the amount of water that is going to be used for the scheduling of the regeneration process.
  • Helps in Iron removal if used with the correct product of the device
  • It will ensure lessened usage of detergents as well as soaps
  • This set includes bypass valve with itself
  • The customer services provided is up to the mark


  • Problems related to leaking if installed clumsily and sealed strongly – most fragile spot in the device is collar clip located in the middle of the valve and the resin tank
  • It’ll malfunction outside if temperature drops outside
  • The 30 000 grain capacity is not sufficient
  • Water flow is not too strong – it can be obviously expected from such a lesser unit

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