iSpring RCC7AK 6-Stage Review for 2020



iSpring RCC7AK is manufactured and designed in USA. The device is efficient, reliable and provides you a super quality experience of clean healthy drinking water. The iSpring RCC7AK filtrating device is one of the best product in the market among the RO systems that you can find. It can be easily used by joint families as it is designed to give out 75 gallons of water per day which is suitable for big families.

The Alkaline Remineralization (AK) in this device is made to maintain the alkalinity and mineral balance of water. It is said that alkaline water has many benefits. The set comes with a hard brass faucet, lead-free and with a brushed nickel finish. The product can be installed easily under a standard kitchen sink.

Transparent 1st stage housing is a feature that examines the sediment filter so that you can change the filters on time. This is a price effective product. The product uses plastic connectors to make the device affordable but it doesn’t affect the longevity or performance of iSpring RCC7AK. In short the product is great and will surely provide your family a clean healthy and quality water drinking experience.


The device will remove around more than 98% of the lead, 99% of the contaminated items, fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, calcium, sodium, bacteria, viruses, giardia, asbestos and many more other things that you wouldn’t like to see in your water. In the purifying process the harmful substances are removed along with some required minerals.

The device will restore all the required minerals and alkaline balance with its extra alkaline remineralization filter and filtration stage. Water goes through the filter then to the faucet. Half calcite and half-red mineral stone is what this device is made of. It adds the required minerals which were purified earlier and also balances the pH level in the water. Then after all this your clean healthy water is ready which you can have directly from the faucet.


iSpring RCC7AK iSpring RCC7AK is a packed and a ready to install device. Product comes with all the quality premium components to provide you high reliability and low maintenance. Storage tank, brushed nickel faucet, filter cartridges and shut-off valve and RO system is what you get with the device.

System has a capacity of producing 75 gallons of water per day and comes with multilayered membrane. You also get both the CTO and GAC filters which have 5 micron rating. All the large contaminated stuff is first trapped and the small ones are taken care off by CTO carbon block filter. The RO membrane and CTO filter is designed in a way to give you high efficiency and they also last for a long time. In addition to all that you also get a alkaline remineralization filter.

Installation and maintenance

The device is designed in a way so that in can be easily installed even by an unexperienced person but still it is advisable that you call a plumber. You also get an instruction video which can be useful. There are to color coordinated tubings and push to connect fittings for customers ease. You get well written instructions with proper tech support.

There is nothing much to do regarding the maintenance of the device. 1st stage filter glance is provided so that you know when to change the filters. Generally the filters are functional up to 3-6 months but still it depends more on that how much you use the device for purifying the water and levels of the water contamination. Apply the fittings properly to avoid any leakage otherwise the product is fantastic at a this price range.


  • Is an effective and high quality product.
  • Along with its 6-stage filtrating process you also get a alkaline remineralization filter.
  • Easily fitted under standard sinks.
  • You get quality parts.
  • 1-year warranty and 1-year money-back guarantee with a lifetime of customer support.


  • Maybe you’ll need a pump (depends on your water pressure)
  • 4:1 is the water waste ratio.


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