Invigorated Living pH RESTORE Water Filter Pitcher Review


An effective water filter combined with a great water alkalizer is what the new and famous Invigorated Living pH Restore system is. This unit contains a couple of filter cartridges, ensuring a a supply of filtered water for a long period.


Efficiency of this water purifier is great and it is coming with a filter which is multi-staged. Its filters are fabricated with micro-nets serving the purpose to catch the particles, KDF, carbon which is active, and stones.

It contains filters which are capable of removing fluorides, foul smell and taste, chlorides, heavy metals, other harmful salts and also inhibits the growing microorganisms. The water would be great in taste and good for your health because the elements like arsenic, lead and other harmful contaminants get removed from your water. Afterall, water containing chemical pollutants is very dangerous to health.

Apart from providing you with pollutant free water, this unit includes some good minerals in it. Increase in consumption of zinc, calcium and selenium might be healthy to ypur body. And to add them in water is a wise thing to do.

Water becomes more basic just because of the added minerals which makes it healthier than before. It helps in improving one’s metabolic system and helps in losing weight.

This unit is far better than the older ones. This set is loaded with an easy-to-fill mechanism and also a gauge which is digital that signals you about the right moment to replace the filters.


Invigorated Living pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher The cartridge filter which this unit makes use of is very effective. In this set, the filters have a cover of micro net which catches particles and most of the adulterants like silt, rust, sand, and debris. The water reaches the activated carbon filters once it gets through the net.

Coconut shell charcoal is used to make the activated carbon filters. Most of the pollutants stick to the carbon because the charcoal provides a large surface for the process of adsorption to take place. Which actually is a very effective method to remove chloramines, chlorine and other elements that might cause foul smell and taste to the water.

The water will reach a stone and ceramic strainer just when it passes through the activated carbon filters. Almost all the heavy metals, traces of chlorine, and other microorganisms are removed by this filter and that is why it is very crucial in the process of filtration. It is effective in removing lead, arsenic, and few more contaminants which may remain in your water.

One other role has been assigned to the ceramic and stone filter. It would help in adding healthier minerals like zinc, calcium and selenium in your water once it is filtered. Addition of minerals would help in making the water healthy in 2 ways. Firstly, their addition would help in increasing the pH level of the water. And secondly, it provides you with a greater intake of minerals and that would enhance your metabolism.

You might exclusively be finding this detail only the website of the manufacturer, but this water filter removes fluorides also from your water.

It is loaded with a digital gauge which will bring to your notice when the right time to replace the cartridge has come.

Filter Longevity

The units filter cartridge has the capability to filter 264 gallons per cartridge. You get 2 cartridges in the packaging, which means 500 gallons of water could be accepted before replacing the cartridge. A filter cartridge might last between 3 to 4 months, which depends on the consumption of your water.

Pitcher Capacity

This filter has total capacity of one gallon. But if one closes the lid the highest capacity to hold filtered water becomes 0.5 gallons. The water will get spilled if you let the pitcher fill at its topmost capacity.


  • Notifies on when to replace the filters – One would be notified every time on when to replace the filter. Not like the other varieties which use a light sensor for notifying you, this set makes use of a counter gauge which calculates the days until the next replacement in filter.
  • Fluorides are removed – The unit has the capability to remove about 20 percent fluorides present in the water. Which may not appear much but it is greater than what rest of the varieties remove.
  • It has couple of filters – The quantity of cartridge filters in this unit is two. One will be able to get the third one without paying any money just by giving it five stars on amazon.


  • Reviews are bought – You are offered a filter for free when you give five stars to the unit and that is why actual rating may be less. That is a great plan of marketing.
  • Spillage of water – Water Spills – The water will get spilled if you let the pitcher fill at its topmost capacity. Fill the pitcher in your sink or ensure that it there is someone present to look after it.
  • A better day counter button could be there – The design of the day counter button may have been made better because it is really hard to press it.



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