Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Review – All That You Need To Know


Home Master HMF3SDGFEC is an expensive product and doesn’t entirely give you value for money benefit. The product comes with some significant properties, but the quality of this unit is a bit questionable. But still, there are quite a few reasons to get Home Master HMF3SDGFEC for your home.

Some Numbers You Should Become Familiar With

What attracts us to this product is that it comes with a metal casing along with the 3 cartridges, and you also get a great housing for your filters with 1-inch ports, which help build a protected and robust system.

The cartridge lifetime of the product is 100000 gallons, and per minute water you get from this device is 15 gallons. The numbers you get from this system are quite impressive, but you should know that it entirely depends on the water, that how much is it contaminated. The products’ filters are functional up to a year, and then you might need to get them changed.

What Do The Filters Do?

There are 3 stage filtration processes in this device, as you see in other standard filtration devices. The coconut shell activated carbon filters in this system will get rid of the sediments from your water, and it filters the water to give you a 1-micron rating.

Then at the 2nd stage, the main motive is to get rid of the unwanted iron from your water, the filter removes about 95% of the iron from your water. It also eliminates the remaining sediments and chemicals from the water.

Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Whole House Water Filter

Then in the 3rd and last stage, the filter will have to deal with the fine things in the water, with negligible chlorine, and with no bad taste and foul odor, your clean water will be ready at your fingertips.


Some Physical Properties Of The Filtration System

After you get set with this product, you will notice that it doesn’t include the 3 cartridges and their metal casing. It comes with a steel mounting bracket, a housing wrench, bolts, and an instructing manual.

The exciting thing is that the product will not force you to buy new stuff for installing. You should consult a technician or plumber to install the device in your house because there might be some technical things that you might not be aware of.

For instance, those female ports of the filters are 1. There is nothing unusual in these ports, but they are NPT threads tapered. Straight threads should not be used as they don’t get adequately sealed, and it can cause leakage.


• The 3 cartridge system of the system easily cleans the water and gets rid of sediments, iron, and various chemicals.

• Lifespan of a cartridge is 100000 gallons of water and can give 15 gallons of water per minute.

• The installation process is easy and provides secured protection for the product.

• Bracket, wrench, bolts come with this filtration set.


• The product is costly and is not a full value for money product.

• You might have to call a technician to install it, so it adds an extra cost.

• There is no water softener.

• Doesn’t get rid of the fluoride in the water.


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