Fleck Iron Pro 2 Combination – Water Softener Review for 2020


If you choose to shop this water softener then you should particularly know about its amazing functions. An extra feature that’d attract you to buy this softener is its capability of removing iron from the water. This quality of its makes it a two in one product. You’ll be surprised to know that its flow rate is sufficiently strong i.e., 15 gallons/minute.

Main Properties

Fleck Iron Pro 2 Combination 64,000 Grain Water Softener Although, an iron filter feature is provided with the product, still there are a lot of varieties you can choose over this water softening system. This manufacturer provides a lot of softeners with varying capacities. To be specific, they provide an 80,000 grain unit which is one of the highest quantities you’ll discover in a water softener for domestic purposes.

At the same time we can’t deny Fleck 5600sxt model’s existence. Which is not only efficient but also easy to use. This product has a warranty period of 5 years.

What Does It Remove?

With this product you can enjoy 6- 8 ppm iron- free water. There are proofs that this product is sufficient of removing iron up to 10 ppm.

Apparently it’s also capable of removing calcium and magnesium ions. This water softener will also help in getting rid of sediment and rust as a representation of its ‘iron’ filtration process. This complete process will provide you odorless water due to the Sulphur removal, maximum 2 ppm.

The Contents of the Set

With this whole set comes a bypass valve. This will prove to be an essential element as it’ll make the whole process of maintenance very simple. Until the time you have to repair the bypass valve itself. With the whole set, there’s also a cone made of plastic present which ensures that the resin doesn’t go inside the house at the time when softener is at its work. It’s not an optional component, instead it’s a must component to use.

A professional help is advised for this device’s installation, as the instruction guide is quite bad. The guide might end up confusing you due to the presence of various models with a slight difference between each other. Although, you can easily discover an installation guide online but its best if you look for help from a professional. This device works flawlessly.

What to Expect

Its system will spontaneously revive itself. It’s a must as it’ll extend the life of the resin remarkably. It can be left to revive either after some gallons of water have been used or after certain period of time has gone by. All you need to do is to use the controls based on touch, present on the iron filter.

Estimated duration of resin’s survival is around 5+ years. A part of it also depends upon the rate of use and the members present in a family. Replacing old resin with a fresh one will cost you back something in hundreds. This isn’t expensive deal if you’ve to replace it once in a time period of around 6 years.


  • Fleck Iron Pro 2 Combination 64,000 Grain Water Softener Branded bypass valve– the Fleck 5600sxt digital metered valve differentiate it from other softeners.
  • Filters iron – it isn’t a basic featured water softener
  • A model of 80,000 grain is available
  • bypass valve is present with the set
  • Expected duration of resin survival is around 5-6 years.


  • Confusing instruction for the installation – many buyers aren’t able to understand the installation instruction.
  • Quite expensive – although the product is of good quality with lots of features even then, the price still seems to be high.
  • Plastic has to be used.


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