Filtrete Advanced Review for 2020



Filtrate Advance is an under sink filtrating system. It will cost you around 50$ so it is a cheapest way to have clean drinking water available in the market. It is one of the best options that you’ll find and it is an efficient product. The device will surely enlighten you with healthy clean drinking quality water.

3M is the manufacturer of Filtrate Advance. The device can be easily maintained and installed. The Filtrate Advance is connected with cold water valve, so extra drilling for you to make separate hole. The three filters of Filtrate Advance (advanced, maximum and simple) can be interchanged if want to upgrade. Filtrate Advance is certified under NSF standard 53.


If you know that what sediment pollution is then you might also know that a 0.5 micron rating for a filtrating device is an amazing thing. Filtrate Advance gets rid of all the protozoa and bacteria too. Filters your water from 99% of sand, cysts soils, and sediments. All the bad taste of water and foul odor is also removed and chlorines go down to 96.6% success rate. And all this at this price point is pretty good.

Device can be used for 6 months or in other words you can say that it can purify 2000 gallons of water. Well of course the usage of the device will determine its lifespan. Only city water should be treated with this device as it is designed to only treat the city water. Purifying well water is not the purpose of this device, but it can still purify well water but it will affect the filters and their lifespan will gradually decrease.

1.5 gallons per minute is the flow rate of this device, you might find it a bit slow but not too much. The water pressure is 25-125 PSI.


The advanced filtrate weighs about 3 pounds and has dimensions of 7.1″ x 14.5″ x 4.3″. Includes 2 Phillips mounting screws, 3us-pf01 filter insert, 3/8 inch hex nut, 3/8 inch tube, 5″ x 3/8 inch tube, 3/8 inch x ½ inch valve adapter, 3/8 inch tip. You will need a ¼ inch pipe adapter. You will receive a single filter capacity datasheet and a sticker with filter change reminder. This unit comes with a 1-year warranty.

Installation and maintenance

Filtrete Advanced Under Sink Quick Change Water Filtration System Installing the product is no rocket science and can be installed easily under your sink. In advance make some space under your sink in the kitchen and mark the place where you will install the system. As it is easy to install, so it should not take more than 30 minutes. Just read the instructions very carefully and if you are new to plumbing then it is advisable to contact a plumber.

To install the device, you need to be ready to use some tools, such as a screwdriver and wrench. There are 3 simple steps to complete the process. The water supply to the tap must be connected using the quick-release outlet on the filter head. Do the same for the filter head. Then attach the filter inside the cabinet wall with screws, drills etc.

The filter lifespan is around for 6 months, it is also easy to change them and with ¼ turn of installation it can be achieved. Contamination levels of water and your usage are also a big factor which affects the filter quality. You might have to often change the filters in this product.

You can install the device in either vertical or horizontal way.


  • Does a good performance and is an efficient product.
  • Is a cheap product.
  • Is NSF certified product.
  • Is easily maintained and installed


  • Might have to buy extra adapters.
  • Filters only last for 6 months.

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