Express Water ROALK10DCG 10 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Review



Express Water ROALK10DCG 10 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Express Water’s ROALK10DCG is a ten stage reverse osmosis filtering system; it’s an efficient & small system, you’ll be capable of installing it on your own in a normal sized kitchen. In this article, we’ll be discussing the prosecutions and consequences of using this model’s filtration system, we’ll also observe in-depth this device’s efficiency, installation and filters.

You might feel impressed with this device’s 10-stage filtration feature as it sounds a lot more appealing in comparison to the filters out there in the market, but there’s nothing to feel excited about as this product counts each step of filtration, while the competitors don’t usually follow this method. Although, this is a good scheme to sell the product but it’s not very different from the competing filtration systems present in the market.

Alike other filtration system’s installation the Express Water ROALK10DCG’s installation too is uncomplicated. Most of the components of this filtration system has a unique color code, this makes it easy for the buyer to recognize which component fits where. Guide for the installation of the filter too consists of significant information, and you’ll be able to follow the instructions without any complexity.

An advantages we can definitely count on is that, the water produced through filtration has an amazing taste. Although the 10 filters story is nothing more than a marketing scheme, but we definitely can’t deny the benefits of mineralized water on an individual’s health; a plus point with this is that the mineralized water tastes superb.

One perk that will for sure catch your attention is that this filtering device comes along with a designer faucet. This faucet provides a flow rate of 0.8 GPM.


The device is very helpful. Although it wastes 2 gallons of water for each gallon it produces, still it’s considered to be one of the most significant RO systems. This might seem hard for the buyers to believe but it’s what it is. As there can be filtration systems which wastes around 20 gallons of water for 1 gallon it produces.

Systems with wastewater and pure water ratio of 2:1 is considered to be working efficiently, this is why we consider Express Water ROALK10DCG as a systematic water filter.


Filters are of major concern in a RO system. Although the manufacturer claims this device has a 10-step filtration step, but we know that this is not entirely true. The starting 5 steps of this filtration system has no difference in contrast with the RO systems found in the market, but things take a round about in the sixth step. Many manufacturers count the process of remineralization as a single step in the process of filtration, but the manufacturers of this device don’t. Instead, they tend to count all the steps in the remineralization as an individual step in the complete process, which leads to an increase in the number of total procedure we see.

The process of filtration is as follows:–

  1. First, sediments are removed. In this process the finer and larger particles present in the water are removed. Rust, sand, dirt, and other contaminants are stopped from going farther.
  2. Second, then the filter helps in the removal of natural compounds, odor, chlorine and varying tastes from the water.
  3. Third, another filter further helps in the removal of odors and tastes, but it’ll also remove volatile compounds and common chemicals.
  4. RO membrane is involved in the 4th process. It helps in preventing particles larger in size than 0.0001 microns, including bacteria and chemicals.
  5. Fifth stage focuses on making the water more alkaline which leads to improvement in water’s taste.
  6. Sixth step is further divided into 4 separate small procedures, all it does is that it mineralizes the water.

These filters can be installed easily as they’ve a unique color-code on them which will always keep you aware regarding which component fits where.


Installation of this system is very simple. Buyers who are not friendly to such installations will to be able to install this RO system within 2 hours. Unlike other systems this filter does not come with pre-assembled filter, this is the only step that will consume a little time while installing; but, we should thank the manufacturer who made it easy for us by providing a unique color code to the component and its filter cartridge.

You’ll find a step-by-step installation guide with this set for the whole process. Steps are explained in its most simple way which makes everything very easy.

A feature that sure will get your attention is the supplementary pressure gauge provided in this set, it’ll help the buyer to check the operating pressure in the water whenever they want.


  • Express Water ROALK10DCG 10 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Amazing Taste – Although the marketing scheme sounds a bit extra, still it ends up producing water of great quality and taste.
  • Easy to handle installation guide – The guide is uncomplicated to follow and doesn’t require professional help for installation.
  • Designer Faucet – It has a good looking faucet that’ll make a beautiful addition to most kitchens.


  • Extra Marketing – The 10-step filtering process story is just an exaggerated form of marketing scheme. It’s just a 6-step filtration process in addition to water mineralization.


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