Express Water RO5DX 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Review



We’ll be discussing about Express Water RO5DX; this is one of the pocket-friendly options that you can shop. Express Water’s reverse osmosis system is of the size that can fit perfectly into a standard-sized kitchen, another thing which comes as an advantage is that it can be easily installed, due to which most of the buyers can install this device without seeking any professional help. We would now discuss about this product’s efficiency in detail.

One of its main advantage is that its faucet is uniquely stylish which easily blends with the kitchen type; whether it be modular kitchen or a traditional one. Faucet’s feature is not limited to its attractive design; it has a rate of flow of 0.8 GPM which is quite amazing.

Filters used in this product is of high quality. It can remove contaminants up to 99.99% from your drinking water. These filters are cheap and can be very easily replaced.

Buyer should not worry regarding the product’s installation as a person without any past experience at this work can also easily install it with the help of the installation guide. Since each and every component of this product is color coded it makes the device’s assembling effortless.


This filter is a well-planned device. If see this device’s pure and waste water ratio, we’ll notice that it’s in the ratio of 3:1, which in comparison to many RO system filters ratio is quite well. If we observe the quantity of water inefficient RO systems waste in comparison to efficient ones, we notice that the incapable ones waste around 24 gallons of water while better systems produce around 4 gallons of waste water. It has a ratio of 3:1, which is still an above average ratio when we talk about the efficient units.

If you’re an environment lover then you’ll for sure fall in love with this product as it doesn’t produce a lot of waste water; this not only helps in conserving water but also in conserving your hard earned money.


Express Water RO5DX 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter This device uses 5 steps in order to produce purified water. Its filters are of an amazing quality and works efficiently, a perk not to forget is that, they’re capable of removing about 99.99% of the contaminants in the tap water, depends totally on your water source though.

The most amazing thing in regard to this whole system is that its filter cartridges and their casings have a color code, this will help you in being aware of which component fits where. This makes the whole process of changing filter uncomplicated. If you replace the filter with the spare one, you’ll still find the filter of same color code; this prevents any kind of confusion. No supplementary tools are required for this whole process except for the wrench and the filter supplied by the manufacturer.

Unlike many filter providers, this filtration device comes with an extra set of filters, this proves to be an advantage as the buyer can enjoy his/her filtered water for almost a year before he/she has to spend more amount on filter’s replacement. Replacement time of filters vary from one household to another, but we expect a filter to remain functional for a time period of at least six months (still, it depends on various factors including consumption and quality of unfiltered water). A thing you need to keep in mind is, to change the reverse osmosis membrane once every 2 years of time.


Express Water RO5DX 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System This device can be installed by anyone without any inconvenience; most of the buyers would be able to install it within 2 hrs. of time. An instruction guide comes along with this device which makes its installation easier even for the people without any previous experience, stay patient and you’re half way through it.

Another thing you can feel relaxed about is that, its filter area is already assembled; helps in saving up to 45 minutes from your installation time.

If you want your RO to be installed quickly then there’s a set of guidelines you should follow:-

  1. You need to install the faucet first, let the tubing be at its full length.
  2. Following, you’ve to install an input line for the cold water pipe.
  3. Now, you need to install the water tank, don’t mess with the tubing’s length.
  4. You can now install the drain tube
  5. Last step is to assemble your connections.

This filtration system is provided with a leak stopper. This leak stopper turns off the water flow after the water tank is full, this prevents all kinds of leaks.


  • Extra Filters
  • Up to date Faucet
  • Easy to understand installation instructions


  • It’s difficult to open the membrane housing.

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