Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener Review


Introducing to you a substitute of water softener. Leaving it completely to the buyer whether the product is worth the purchase or not after the discussion of the product’s pros and cons.

Main Properties

Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener

The main function of this product (Eddy Water Descaler) is to generate an electromagnetic wave which indirectly comes in contact with the water and using its magnetic field it stops limescale from staying in water and deposits all the contaminants into the pipes of the product.

It’s an electronic device instead of a cartridge body. Coils which helps this device in generating a magnetic wave is well coiled around its pipe.

What Does It Remove?

Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener Review

People seem surprised when they come to know that this device neither removes nor adds anything to the water. You’ll not even notice the altered quantity of TDS in water. In brief this unit doesn’t come under direct contact with water as all its basic processes are taking place with the help of the electromagnetic field created.

Even though this device isn’t directly involved in the process but then too it’ll produce softened water. Another thing to note is that no benefits will be taken away from the water. Neither salt is added nor is other extra chemical added. Salts like calcium, remains untouched.

The Contents of the Set

One of the major perks is that it doesn’t have a tricky installation. There’s simple box that you will receive on its order. The package contains Eddy Water Descaler along with four wires. Installation can be done by the buyer itself as it serves an easy installation. No changes will take place in your home’s plumbing system. All you need to do is plug the machine. You can fix this unit to a wall or let it stand at some place. All you need to ensure is that you coil the wires very properly around the pipe to ensure its proper functioning.

Another thing that you can feel blessed about is that it doesn’t need nails or any other accessory to make it start work; all you need is a mounting bracket and you’re done with it. One thing you should be careful about is to not keep this device outside your house as it may start malfunctioning as it is not waterproof and also it is an electronic device which makes it prone to fire if it gets wet while operational.

We will also be telling you about what should you expect from this device as well as consider before buying a water softener.

What to Expect

A thing that you will have to come at terms with this water softener is the forever repairing or replacement costs. But if you see its positive side then you’ll get to know that it is a one-time investment; as you’ll get a good quality product at nominal price. With quality comes another attractive guarantee, which promises you 12 month money back guarantee.

A note that you should know is that it’s not going to create a major difference to your skin. Instead a major perk you get is that this water softener frees you from the struggles related to the cleaning of water tap every now and then.

To elaborate, in case your city has a moderate quality of water and you had to clean your water taps because of the blockage every month then after buying this product it’d lower down to a duration of 6 months.


  • One time purchase– you’ll receive a free replacement incase the device malfunctions or stops working
  • Doesn’t come in direct contact with the water – you won’t find additional salts, water will not be filtered.
  • It doesn’t get rid of essential minerals.
  • Electromagnetic field – it’s the device’s main function as it aids in getting rid of the awful buildups.
  • Economical expense–all you need to do is get rid of awful substances from the water faucets once every 6 months(approx.)
  • Easy installation


  • It isn’t a real water softener – it’ll definitely increase water quality, but you’ll not observe a lot of difference while washing, bathing or drinking
  • Malfunction if installed outdoors– this is the biggest drawback as it is not a waterproof electronic device.

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