CuZn UC 200 Review – All That You Need To Know


The exciting thing about the under sink filtration system is that they don’t give out any wastewater. CuZn UC-200 doesn’t take up much place and can be easily fit under your sink. This is a value for money product and is convenient, so there is no need to purchase a reverse osmosis system.

This is a USA made product and comes amongst the highest rated under sink filtration devices. The affordable price, huge capacity, and its superb efficiency is what makes this product so unique. The product comes with an outstanding filter that can give 50 gallons of water, which means the product can be used for about 5 years.

Among all these specialties, the product is straightforward to set up and doesn’t need much maintenance.


CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter

The product comes with 3-stage filtrating system. It comes with micro sediment membrane, coconut shell carbon, and KDF-55, which means that the water will be free of the entire chemical seen in pipes. Mercury, lead, chromium, nickel, will stay away from your water.

The coconut shell carbon of the system isn’t responsive to the bacterial growth. It maintains the healthy hard minerals of the water while purifying the water. The system gets rid of the various unwanted components from your water like- bad taste, foul odor, algae, herbicides, pesticides, and heavy metals. In a natural language, it purifies and gives you the best quality water.

The product doesn’t affect the TDS reading, so TDS and PPM meter will not be useful. For monitoring, UC-200 DPD#1Chlorine Test Strips should be used.

The device is constructed in a way to work with the water available in cities and not well water. 2GPM is the system’s flow rate.


UC-200 is an effortless device to install and comes with all the necessary tools to fix it. KDF-55 filtration media and acid-washed catalytic coconut shell carbon comes with the system.

Installation and maintenance

As earlier said the device could be easily installed, you need to connect the cold water line with the UC-200. Then connect the stainless steel hose (comes with the device) to the cold water valve and inlet of the invention.

The manufacturer of the product has provided a video instructing on how to install the device on their product website. The company will supply any additional parts that you might need to install the filtration system. For any queries or problems, the customer support is always available.

No special maintenance is required for this filter; after 50000 gallons of water have been filtered, you can just easily change the device.


• The product is super-efficient.

• Easily maintained and installed.

• Long lifespan of the filtration device.


• The size of the product is quite large and is heavy.


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