Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher Review for 2020



Water pitcher is one of the necessities that should be available at home. Quality of water pitcher can be assessed only through the quality and features of its filter. At the time of pouring water in the tank, water will flow through a filter. What as a consumer you need to know is that, it’ll not be a vague quality filter found in markets instead it’s quite a special filter.

You’ll be taken aback to know that it guarantees to get rid of around 220 kinds of harmful heavy metals, chemicals as well as different types of adulterants. We guarantee you that it’ll provide you with fully cleansed drinkable water. In comparison to other filters or pitchers available in market, it surely is superior. The minute components that is not favorable for you and your body are known to survive in tap water.

Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher 2

List of injurious components that can flow in through tap water is very long. Under it fluoride, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, lead, PFOA/PFAS, glyphosate etc. may count. There are so many people who drink this kind of polluted water on a daily basis without even knowing it. A filter is made in such a way that it holds on to contaminants and lets the hygienic water flow.

This filter does not only save you from the risk of drinking contaminated water but also provides you a better taste of water. You can drink any beverage for example coffee, tea etc. which includes water in its making and it’d for sure make the flavor yummier.

Another thing you can feel tension free about is that you’d not have to face deprivation of the essential nutrients that the water contains. This could be possible only because of the selectively permeable feature of the filter which selects the elements that should or shouldn’t be present in the water. Therefore, you’ll not have to face any sort of hampering in the water’s taste. You can also trust on the materials used in making; manufacturer himself guarantees to the consumers that the materials and parts have gone through several tests including the prominent NSF filter tests; it was later found that it met to the standards of the material.

You need not even worry about the usage of plastic, because the materials used in the making of filter pitcher is 100% BPA-free. Therefore, you can stay at peace with your brain that both water and the product are free of harmful materials and chemicals.

It provides a marvelous capacity of around 0.5 gallons due to which you can save yourself from the hardship of refilling the tank again and again. One of the essential traits that the consumer looks for while buying a pitcher is its filter’s lifespan; which to the credit of the maker is quite long in comparison to other filters. This filter can be used up to 4 months of time period. You’ll get your first filter along with the pitcher itself. But, later i.e after 4 months of use you’ll have to buy the new ‘filter’ by yourself.

It might feel a little expensive but in comparison to the standard requisites it fulfills you’ll understand its worth and significance in regard to your health as well as taste. Assembling of the pitcher is consumer friendly; thus can be installed by anyone very easily by looking at the instructions. To conclude this water pitcher is a blessing for those who wants to drink chemical free water.


Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher 3

  • Size proportions: 11.1 x 10.8 x 5.9 inches
  • Mass: 2.87lbs
  • Accessories contained : 1st filter with the package
  • Removal of contaminants in percentage: 99.9%
  • Warranty provided : Yes

Warranty and Service

Undoubtedly Clearly Filtered is well known for caring about their clients. That’s why the company provides guarantee in regard to both; the quality of the water as well as the quality of the pitcher. The manufacturer will give you a new and free pitcher if found broken after the delivery. Also, if you are not content with your purchase you are allowed to return it back to the seller; 100% money back is guaranteed. For any other issues you can avail their customer services.


  • Fluoride removal up to 98% – filter is capable of removing contaminants which is impossible for other filters to get rid of.
  • Strong system of Filtration – Its powerful filtration helps in getting rid of most of the contaminants which is its major attraction. It’s better than the most out there.
  • Relaxation to mind – The cheap pitchers that we find around in the markets would often make us wonder regarding the reliability on water and standards of material. It’s travel friendly and can be carried to places very easily and the standard tests it has gone through makes it more reliable.
  • Size – The amazing capacity of both its tanks to hold water is another blessing. It provides more capacity in comparison to other water pitchers found in market; preventing you from the hardship of filling it again and again. Also, you’ll face advantage because of its filter, which provides a life span of 4 months or 100 gallons.


  • Speed – This pitcher consumes a lot of time in getting filled. The reason for it probably is that it is going through decontamination process. Just in case your aim is all about acquiring a fast filling water pitcher, then too highest probability there are more suitable options for you in the market.
  • Reminder for change of filter is not provided – No reminder in regard to changing of filter is available in this pitcher. In order to avoid the guesswork, you can take the help of Amazon which allows you to get rid of the vague guesses.

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