Brita Grand Water Filter Pitcher Review for 2020


Who doesn’t want their kitchen ware to go well with their kitchen’s environment? So, here we’re introducing you to the Brita, a 10 cup water filter-pitcher; this product is available in so many colors that go well with the appearance of your kitchen. Brita is known to be amongst the biggest names under manufacturers of water filter. They provide you with easy to change filter. The cartridges of this product’s filter is well designed.


Out of all, this pitcher is one of the best water filters accessible in the market at the present time. This water filter pitcher is made up of a kind of plastic that is BPA-free. its comforting design will help you to raise it, fill it, and adjust it in your fridge without any problem.

You’d be surprised to know that this filter has an automatically operated filter change indicator. It uses durable filters, and you need to change them after they filter 40 gallons of water, sometimes they might even filter more (depending upon various factors). Its one of the main attraction i.e. electronic indicator will tell you when to change the filters, so you don’t need to set reminders about when to change.

To give you an approximation, it can filter up to 40 gallons of water after which there may be a requirement of changing its filter; this approximately means change in every two months. Therefore, you can expect to replace 300 16.9 ounce of plastic bottles in that period of time.

This water filter is capable of removing harmful toxins/contaminants from your drinking water. It’ll remove zinc, chlorine, mercury, cadmium, copper, and more pollutants, giving you healthy and clean drinking water.


Brita 10 Cup Grand Water Filter Pitcher As we all know Brita is amongst the best-seller water filter manufacturers that makes it normal for their filter cartridges to work efficiently. Cartridges of the filter is built in various layers, every layer helps in filtering out different contaminants.

So, the whole process goes on like this; as soon as the water sets foot in the filter cartridge, it flows through 2 mesh screens. The first screen helps in the removal of the larger pollutants present in the water, for e.g.: rust, sand, dirt and debris, while the next one will help in removing the contaminants present in smaller quantities.

As soon as the water flows through mesh screens, it experiences ion-exchange beads. Sodium ions are filled inside the beads, and when the calcium and magnesium in the water come in its contact, they tend to trap other minerals while they release sodium. This whole process helps in making the water softer, and at the same time removes its toxins.

For the removal of the remaining pollutants, an activated carbon filter is required. Chlorine, heavy metals and all the odors and foul tastes can be removed with its help.

Filter’s cartridges perform very efficiently as they help in the removal of various contaminants, this list includes most significant elements but the removal isn’t limited to them, these include: – copper, chlorine, cadmium, mercury & zinc. Lack of contamination in your drinking water will make it cleaner as well as healthier.

Filter Longevity

Although this manufacturer makes one of the best water filters then too there is no guarantee of them lasting forever. The manufacturer’s instructions state that the buyer should replace the filters after every two months of time or after they’ve filtered around 40 gallons of water.

In case you’re a family of 4, with an avg. consumption of 2 gallons/day, then you might’ve to replace the filters once in every 20 days of time, approximately in about three weeks’ time. Although, changing filters is very easy but changing them at such a regular basis might lead to inconvenience.

This water filter pitcher set comes with only a single filter piece, so you might face the need of buying a new filter within 20 days of filter’s purchase

This product has a light sensor which helps in keeping a track of time in regard to changing of the filter. This takes place when the sensor helps in counting the number of times the lid opens for a refill, therefore ensure that you empty the pitcher completely before opening its lid. Otherwise, you may get to face false results, leading you to change the filter more often than you actually have to. You’ll notice the light indicator turn yellow when it has filtered to its max. capacity, & red when it has reached its top most level.

Pitcher Capacity

This water filter pitcher has a capacity of 10 cups or around 0.6 gallons. You can consider this model as a medium capacity filter as smaller and larger models in comparison to this model is present in the market.

We’ve noticed certain customers complaining about the pitcher’s malfunctioning design. They say that the lid comes off easily which leads to water spillage a lot of times. This fault of pitcher might affect the purity of water, if the lid comes off often while you’re refilling the filter, the unfiltered tap water might be able of seeking its way in the filtered water tank.

Another complaint that the buyer talks about is its heavy weight even at times when it’s void. This can be a problem to certain people.


  • Medium Sized Filter– filter can hold maximum 10 cups of water. It means there’d be no need of filling the tank too often.
  • Light Sensor – Brita’s filter pitcher has a light indicator which helps in notifying when it’s the right time to replace the filters. The sensor will be able to tell the accurate time of changing filters if you empty the pitcher completely before refilling it.


  • Faulty design – Before buying one thing that you should note is that you need to take hold of the lid each time you pour water, otherwise chances of spill would increase and might increase the chances of unfiltered water to enter into the filtered tank.
  • Takes more space – although this model does not have a great water holding capacity, then too it ends up taking extra area in comparison to the bigger pitchers.



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