Best Reverse Osmosis Systems Reviewed For 2020

Best Reverse Osmosis System

Are you sick and tired of unpleasant and stingy water at home? When you first moved in, you were probably promised quality water – the tap water or well water of your dreams. But here you are, a few years down the road- what was supposed to be high quality water has turned into low quality contaminants. What you need is a system that delivers safe and healthy drinking water at your disposal at all times, and what better system than a reverse-osmosis system!

It has been mutually agreed by many that reverse osmosis filters are one of the best ways to improve water quality. This is because a reverse-osmosis water filter uses a carbon filter to get rid of any impurities or slightly acidic qualities present in your water supply flow rate.

In fact, you’ll be surprised at the rate of pollutants existing in every gallon of water. For instance, they can battle dissolved solids including arsenic, chromium-6, bacteria, calcium, cysts, copper, fluoride, chloramines, pesticides and many radiological elements from tap or well water every single day. They are hugely involved in not only producing pure water but also enriching them with minerals to make drinking water.

This process is carried forward through osmosis filters like carbon and sedimentary filtration systems that work together to remove odour, dirt and debris, and other contaminants.

In fact, reverse osmosis filtration systems are most common in the processing of bottled water. Most bottled water is initially converted into purified water through a reverse osmosis filter. However, note that the processing bottled water wastes more water. When bottled water is initially filtered, the process induces a lot of waste water that is then drained. This is followed by the fact that producing the bottle itself costs more water.

The transportation of the bottled water may also use up water, i.e, washing of the truck, etc. which is then finally directed to your house. You can easily avoid this hassle of bottled water by installing a reverse osmosis system at home- which will deliver the same extent of service right at your doorstep- but without the cost of waste water involved in processing bottled water.

The best reverse osmosis systems help in the production pure water right at your home. Instead of having to run to the store to buy expensive bottled water every time, you can reap the benefits of purified water at home by installing a reverse osmosis system in your kitchen. This will give you bottled water quality that you can have access to whenever you want!

What is Reverse Osmosis?

Before we delve into the workings of the best reverse osmosis systems, it is important that we understand what a reverse osmosis filter means in the first place. Reverse osmosis is also referred to as RO. It is known as reverse osmosis solely due to the fact that this process exists entirely in contrast to osmosis- a process in nature.

Osmosis dictates that pure water has a tendency to flow naturally to less pure water through a membrane. Reverse osmosis removes contaminants by forcing less clean water through a semi-permeable membrane that allows for the impurities to left behind. The result is that you are presented with suitable drinking water.

This is the process that is, therefore, employed in a reverse osmosis system. You can use one to secure filtered water in different parts of the house. This may include places under the sink or inside the fridge and so on. They also apply to well and tap water. However, using the best reverse osmosis system for your whole house may be require special attention as this process can be tricky and expensive.

First, there are the problems of salt intrusion. Secondly, easy installation for the whole house can be difficult as osmosis filters can find it hard to deal with the pressure of municipal water all over your house.

Nevertheless, consuming filtered water or ro water has its advantages.

A reverse osmosis system helps in removing dissolved solids and contaminants that are invisible to the eye. Such contaminants could have dangerous effects on the body. However, ro water can prevent this from happening. Filtered water facilitates the easy functioning of your kidneys, and lubricates your joints so that you may have the best long term health benefits.

While many have argued that filtered water also removes beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium and is actually counterproductive, that is not entirely true. The removal of minerals like calcium and magnesium does not make ro water bad for you as food provides more minerals than water. Filtered water helps in hydrating your body and ensuring organ functioning, rather than furbishing your body with minerals.

Apart from being having health benefits, a reverse osmosis system also makes waste treatment easier. Firstly, the ro water that is drained out from a reverse osmosis system has already been treated for chemicals and contaminants as all water goes through the carbon filtration system 5 stages.

As no new chemicals are introduced because the ro water has already undergone treatment through the stages of filtration, managing waste water becomes a much faster and efficient process.

The best water reverse osmosis system can exist in the form of countertop as well as whole house ro filtration systems. Which one you should install depends on many factors, but is generally based on whether you have room for a complicated system in your house. If you intend to stick to your present house for a long time, having a full fledged ro system is a worthy investment, despite it not being an easy installation process.

Reverse osmosis systems can commit for as long as 15 years. Their lengthy lifespan is advantageous as it means that you can enjoy quality ro water for a long time without interruptions. However, note that some parts of the systems, like ro membranes and filters may need to be occasionally replaces. For instance, the pre and post filters need replacement every half-year, while the membrane might need to be exchanged for a new one every 2-4 years.

This is precisely why buying the best reverse osmosis system for your situation is an absolute necessity. Here are some things you should be looking for while purchasing the best reverse osmosis system.

Factors to Consider When Buying the best Reverse Osmosis System

As a reverse osmosis system is a heavily future-oriented investment, it is important that you make a careful choice with regard to what your requirements are. From your requirements to your budget, the factors that go into an easy to install ro system stretch across a long list.


Undoubtedly, your budget plays a huge role in the purchase of your ro system. This is because the latter can be incredibly complicated but also incredibly expensive, so tread carefully. Your budget should also fall in line with the future of your osmosis system. As ro systems can last quite a while, they are worth investing if you know how long you might use it for. Most reverse osmosis filters are priced from as cheap as $150 to over $1000.

Also, make sure that you know exactly what you want from your ro system. If you need a simple and uncomplicated system, a cheaper osmosis model should be enough. More expensive ones are usually equipped with more filtration system stages. This means that these filters can naturally hold and dispense more quantities of water for filtering.

Moreover, these may also have additional features like auto-flush or the ability to inject back minerals like calcium and magnesium (which are usually removed during filtration). Where high end ro models are made with special features, they are also designed to provide be more long lasting than a cheap reverse osmosis system because of their strong and sturdy parts.

However, there are still many cheaper systems out there that may be just suitable enough for your needs.


Size is presumably the most important aspect of buying a reverse osmosis system. This is because size often dictates the functionality of your ro system. In fact, most systems come in countertop as well as whole house formats. So whether you have just enough space for an easy to install ro system on your countertop, or more than enough space for a whole house reverse osmosis system- you’re bound to find what you want in the ro system market.

However, make sure that you only buy according to your space availability. If it turns out that you have limited counter space, a large system will frankly be useless and underperform. If you aim to buy an under the sink ro system, make sure that you get one that adheres to the space constraints.

Buying an Ro system for its big size when you can’t offer that much space will make a wasted investment. Before you choose an appropriate reverse osmosis system for your home, make sure that you consult the space available in your kitchen, and find out if that corresponds with the dimensions of your ro system. If you’re unable to decide for yourself what works, you can always seek advice from a professional who will find an easy to install it for you.

Water capacity

The size of your reverse osmosis system directly correlates to its water filtering capacity. Make sure that you check to product for its water capacity details. This will help you figure out which system to buy for you household. For instance, if you manage a small family, and really don’t require much, a 50 gallon ro system is an ideal solution for you.

On the other hand, a large household may require a higher water capacity. This is because a lot of water may be used up in managing a large family. You might have to use more water for cooking. More number of people also means that more water may be consumed for drinking. Thus, it is important to consider a high-yielding ro system.


Different Ro systems operate at different levels of effectiveness. Note that effectiveness in this case does not describe the usefulness of a system. In fact, the effectiveness of an ro system is highly based on your water transparency situation. If the state of water that you are currently receiving is not particularly satisfactory, you might consider going for a more effective and thorough model.

On the other hand, you might not necessarily need as effective of a model if you’re reasonably confident in your water supply flow rate. The effectiveness of an Ro system is usually based on the number of stages involved in the workings of one. Stages refer to filtration system stages or the number of filters that are involved in the removal of contaminants to make more filtered water.

For instance, take a four stage ro system. This osmosis system may use a sedimentary filter to remove up to 99 percent dirt and debris, a carbon filter for chlorine, a reverse osmosis membrane, followed by a post carbon filter for leftover impurities. A 6 stages filtration system may go the extra mile to include another barrier for more efficient and thorough cleansing of water, and so on.

Ease of Use

Simplicity is the way we want to live life- and that is no different with the best reverse osmosis systems. By themselves, reverse osmosis systems can be complicated in their functioning, however, most of them are pretty simple to use.

Maintenance is the most important responsibility of the ro system owner. Make sure that you always check and recheck that your system is functioning without any hitches. Usually, ro filters and the membrane need to be replaced once in a while so that the system doesn’t malfunction.

The rate of replacement varies from system to system. If you dread having to constantly replace filters, go for a system that doesn’t require as many replacements. Keeping up the maintenance of your ro system will ensure that your system runs for longer throughout the length of its lifespan. It also means that you’re going to have a smoother time on the using the system without putting in much effort.

Waste Water

Like everything else in the world, ro systems don’t have a clean slate either. This emerges in the form of one of their most disfavoured yet inescapable consequence: waste water. The fact of the matter is that, in the process of delivering you with filtered water and purified water, a larger amount of water is thrown out as waste. In fact, many systems are said to only filter out up to 15 % of the water they take in as clean water.

For this purpose, many ro systems come with a feature by which they can redirect the residual water into other household chores like dishwashing or laundry. This means that while you’d get purified water for drinking, the water you use for laundry etc might have contaminants.

If you’re not too icky about needing clean water for purposes outside of drinking, it might be economical to relocate your choice to such a reverse osmosis system system as it reduces waste water.


When you know you’re going to be using a reverse osmosis system for a long few years, the it is elementary that the first thing you look for is its life span. You want an osmosis system that functions for a long time so that you don’t have to go through the trouble of replacing an entire system every two years.

It is recommendable for you, in such cases, to look for top rated brands that that have been in the market for a while and are reputed for their reverse osmosis systems. This will ensure that you get good warranties as well as the best reverse osmosis system.


In order to help you find a reverse osmosis device worth your while, we’ve compiled a list of the best reverse osmosis system consumer reports:



Under-the-sink models are designed to fit under your sink and conveniently help you save space. Some of the best under-the-sink models in the market are as follows:

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Olympia Water Systems OROS-50 RO System

Usually, Ro systems are largely associated with unrealistic maintanance and expenses that throw many people off the track on their journey to buy a reverse osmosis system. However, with the Olympia Water Systems OROS-50,durability and affordability are an easy deal. This RO system stands out due to its unique high quality reverse osmosis water system that is also affordable to anyone and everyone!

The Olympia Water System is further known for its off the charts 5-stage filtration system that delivers quick and easy purified water. This system can hold as much as 50 gallons of clean water per day. If you have a family that is six people or less, Olympia is definitely an investment worth making! This reverse osmosis system combines simplicity with speed to give you a top notch system.

Where lots of ro systems are all bark and no bite, the Olympia Water system completely disproves this theory. It was a study conducted in December 2017 that proved that this RO system could reduce the amount of contaminants and other solids in water from 82 to approximately 10 ppm by 87.8%.

Additionally, the entire RO system is NSF tested. It has been certified against standards 42 and 58, i.e, every inch of the product is certified as a viable part. While many reverse osmosis systems seem to feature only certain certified parts. This is not the case with Olympia. Every aspect of Olympia is graded high for efficiency.

Often, it is found that most households are reluctant to invest in a good ro system due to space incapacity. However, the creators of Olympia believe that sacrificing safe drinking water for space is hardly a virtue, which is why this reverse osmosis system is designed to fit in your small cabinets with the outer module measuring barely 16″ x 7″ x 20″, and the storage tank at just 12″ x 12″ x 18″.

The Olympia RO system is further made to be compatible with the modern lifestyle. It takes no more than three hours to quietly slip into your bustling life and keep you healthy with clean drinking water. The fastest record for setting up the system ends at 45 minutes. The Olympia Reverse Osmosis system has an easy to install process.

Ultimately, the Olivia Reverse Osmosis system runs noiselessly and smoothly for 3 years without many glitches. It comes with a pressurized storage tank compatible with high water pressure. However, in case of any problems with your water filter system, you can approach the Olivia water filter customer service team for professional advice and customer care.

Check out the reverse osmosis system price and more!

NU Aqua 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

A recent close competitor that has remained a champion within the world of reverse osmosis systems is the NU Aqual reverse osmosis systems.

When you’re on a budget, it’s hard enough to buy food for yourself- forget a whole reverse osmosis system. Nu Aqua understands both you need for budgeting and safe drinking water. This is why the Nu Aqua system comes at an amazingly reasonable price. This way, the system makes cost the least of your worries, and your health its main priority.

While there are many relatively low price reverse osmosis systems out there, the NU Aqua stands out because, unlike other models, it provides fabulous extra features at the same cheap price.

The NU Aqua also has a 5 stage reverse osmosis system- so you can completely trust the system to have every aspect of delivering purified water covered. All water passing through the system goes through five separate filters where different lumps of dirt and debris are left behind. At the end, you’re on the recieving end of the cleanest drinking water.

Some unique features of this RO system include:

The NU systems optimum capacity goes up to a 100 gallon per day. This means that you can purify and conserve upto 100 gallons in your system. Often, most systems require will process a lot of water but deliver only a small amount of clean water at the end. But with NU Aqua system, having a higher capacity means that you get a higher flow rate.

However, it is also noteworthy that this system is designed to be exponentially waste conscious. The system only lets out an average waste water ratio of 3 gallons per gallon of drinking water. A second big feature is that, an NU Aqua RO system automatically gives you a leeway to a 5 year manufacturer warranty and lifetime support.

This is very unlike many premium brands, where warranty can be redundant. However, a 5 year warranty is bound to secure the future of your ro system.

NU Aqua also comes with a free digital PPM meter tester. This way, you can have a quick estimate of the delivered water quality whenever you want it. Fixing an RO system at home can be a nightmare. The NU Aqua stands to be an exception to this rule. Unlike many, the NU Aqua RO system offers a quick and easy fix. In fact, as long as you have basic crafting skills, you can fix it in your kitchen within an hour.

The NU Aqua RO system is fully equipped with a faucet as well as a pressurized storage tank to be able to uphold the water pressure

APEC ROES-PH75 Top Tier Reverse Osmosis System

The APEC Top Tier Reverse Osmosis system is another top rated and high ranked osmosis system from the famous manufacturers: APEC. Today, this device stands as one of the most favoured ro systems in the market.

All good things come with a price, and this stands true for the APEC Water systems. Albeit these systems can get slightly pricey, they’re worth it because of the many unique features and advantages.

For instance, APEC Top Tier Reverse Osmosis System is one of the rare ro systems that include a remineralization filter. You already know that many reverse osmosis systems remove minerals like calcium and magnesium from the water they process.

This tends to leave the water tasteless and brand. In order to avoid the slightly acidic taste of the freshly processed water, APEC uses a remineralization filter to reintroduce safe minerals back into the water so as to give you fresher tasting water.

Additionally, it is perfectly compatible for a small to medium household. In fact, the APEC ro system produces up to 75 gallons of drinking water everyday. This process is carried out through its intensive 6-stage filtration system. It helps in the upkeep of good health in your small family.

It also serves an economical cause. Apart from generating fresh water, it also minimizes waste water as much as possible. In fact, the system only lets out 3 gallons of water for every one gallon per day of pure water.

No one has all day to solely give their attention to an ro system. This is why it is delivered to you with all the required materials and a one hour set up process. The system is also designed to deal with heavy water pressure as the tank is pressurized.

Home Master TMAFC Artesian Reverse Osmosis System

If you’re tired of the bland and acid tasting water from your usual reverse osmosis system- its time to consider the Home Master TMAFC.

In the Home Master TMAFC , all water that passes through it is not only processed and purified, but it is also remineralized. Yes, Home Master is one of those trendy osmosis systems with a remineralization filter to add back all the missing minerals from your water and make it fresh tasting.

Unfortunately, this ro system lacks a permeate pump, but the same lack of feature makes it perfect for homes with existing strong water pressure.

Usually, people are familiar with the 5-stage filtration process or even the 6-stage process. However, the TMAFC ensures thorough processing through an entire 7 stage filtration production.

The TMFAC also contributes about 50 gallons of water per day. This is enough to sustain a relatively small household throughout a range of activities. However, note that- due to water pressure, this ro system can release up to 4 gallons of waste water. This is usually considered a high level of wastage.

iSpring RCC7P 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

iSpring is considered to be one of the largest osmosis system sellers in the field. In fact, their website is flooded with positive reviews and recommendations- and the iSpring RCC7P is one of them.

The iSpring is a high capacity osmosis system. It produces 75 gallons of water per day. It is just suitable to support a small households ranging from 6 to 8 family members. All the water delivered to you as drinking water is the end result of a 5-stage reverse osmosis. The water goes through different stages where it is treated for heavy metals, chemicals, dirt, and other contaminants.

High water wastage is an unwarranted and common problem among most ro systems. It is an unavoidable consequence of cleansing out impure water. However, the iSpring aims to reduce as much wastage as it can, which is why it features a booster pump. The booster pump is used to pump up the water pressure, and consequently reduce waste water.

In fact, the booster pump is designed such that the iSpring RCC7P wastes only 2 gallons per day. Fortunately, this waste water rate is much smaller and lower than average when compared to most other ro systems in the market.

Like most well fitted reverse osmosis systems, the device comes with a faucet, a pressurized storage tank, and an easy and simple one hour installation process.

Waterdrop G3 Reverse Osmosis System

Waterdrop is popularly known within the ro system field, to produce the most efficient models in the market at a reasonable price. This company facilitates a natural blend of power and maximum usage. One of them is the Waterdrop G3.

The Waterdrop G3 is fully characterized as an under-the-sink powerful system. It is combined with futuristic features and compact design that is meant to save space, time, as well as lots of water. In fact, all water source goes through 7 thorough stages of filtration so that your family is provided with the best drinking water.

One of the best features of the Waterdrop G3 Ro system is its unbeatable design. It’s unbeatable precisely for the reason that it is unlike any ro system ever seen before.

Usually, most water filters are based on pressurized storage tanks to store water. However, the waterdrop G3 acts as a tankless reverse osmosis system. It is designed so as to continue producing as other parts slow down to refill the tank.

A second factor that makes Waterdrop an ideal fit for the everyday household is its excellent water capacity. Undoubtedly, the Waterdrop reverse osmosis system is one of the best devices to exist in the market. Despite not having an internal pump or a storage tank, it can produce up to 400 gallons of water per day.

This is more than we can say for other popular under the sink systems that don’t produce more than 50-100 gallons per day.

Water filtration system is delicate process that requires the utmost care so that contaminants can be separated from water. The Waterdrop G3 aims to keep its users updated about water filtration stages so that its users will never have to be worried.

The device has a faucet with a fancy LED ring. The LED is situated for the purpose that it will show the user the status of the water filtration stage. On the other hand, a front LCD panel is included so as to keep the users informed about the filtration stage status as well as the current total dissolved solids existing in the water as its being filtered.

This is unlike most filtration systems, where none of these options are available.


Up until now, we have explored the realm of individual unit reverse osmosis systems. However, is you’re trying to optimize your entire house or business place with high level, completely filtered water; your best choice is to go for a whole house reverse osmosis system.

A whole house reverse osmosis system is designed to supply your entire household (instead of just your kitchen) with purified water.

FilterWater Commercial Reverse Osmosis System

The FilterWater ro system is one of the best whole house reverse osmosis system. It is often referred to as a “light commercial” filtration system, and is just suitable enough to support your home perfectly. This ro system is available in alternate versions that have a water capacity ranging from 200 to 10,000 gallons per day.

Ultimately, you can use this filtration method to for different water retention activities across the household, rather than just the kitchen.

The 200 Gallon per day feature is carried out through different filters. The sediment filtration is supported by cartridges, while chlorine filtration is carried through a carbon block. The filtration overall aims to eliminate different sorts of odors, heavy metals, chemicals, and VOC’s . This is done through a 5-stage carbon filter and a reverse osmosis membrane.

Water filtering your entire house can get problematic due to concerns regarding filter issues and replacement, etc. That is why this ro system is fully provided with storage tanks in different sizes as well as an upgrade kit so as to allow for easy upgrading whenever you need it.

To reduce the push-through expenses that come with buying a whole house ro system, FilterWater offers a facility by which you can pay for your filtration system in the form of increments over time.

iSpring RCS5T

The iSpring RCS5T is another popular whole house reverse osmosis system. Unlike FilterWater, iSpring produces fully commercial graded ro systems that can be used to support households or businesses on demand.

The whole house filtration stages constitute 4 sedimentary filters along with carbon before and after filter stages. Thus, this iSpring can be used to eliminate any contaminants in your water through a 4 stage filtration process.

The feature of supplying on demand is one wherein the ro system continues to pump out water despite any undersupply, while other parts of the system refill. This implies that the device is generally tankless. However, if the user wishes so, they can support their iSpring RC55T with a non-pressurized tank (which must be supported with a delivery pump.)

While this makes the system more efficient, it also reduces the lifespan of certain parts. For instance, you might have to replace the filters cartridges more often than usual.

The RC55T has a water filtration capacity that ranges from 350 to 450 gallons per day. This is enough to last an entire family of 3 to 4 people over a variety of household activities.

In terms of water wastage, the iSpring features an ideal 50% recovery rate, so there is never particularly a large amount of waste water. For every 1 gallon of filtered water used, one gallon is drained out. This rate is practically serene when compared to most whole house osmosis systems.


The best countertop reverse osmosis system is easily the most convenient to ever exist. These systems are much like your usual countertop water filters; however, their workings are carried out through reverse osmosis. Countertop ro systems aim to deliver clean and fresh water on the go.

As most of them are small and compact due to the absence of a storage tank, countertop water filters are really portable. If you’re constantly shifting homes or live in a small apartment, these may be the most comfortable fit for you.

Zero Installation Purifier

The Zero installation purifier, also known as the ZIP, is not only designed to satisfy your pure water needs, but is also made to fit your kitchen aesthetic. This purifier comes in two trendy looks: Silver White and Space Black.

The ZIP is a countertop reverse osmosis system that is structured to fit perfectly on your kitchen counter. If you have very limited space, and don’t require an extravagant amount of water for consumption, the ZIP is an easy to install ro system that would complement your needs.

The Zip ro system operates through a 4 stages of filters. The filtration depletes impurities and contaminants from your water including heavy metals, dissolved solids, chemicals, dirt, debris, etc. Additionally, the fourth stage of production is supplied with an alkaline post filter.

Alkaline post filters are considered invaluable because these filters seek to enrich your water with safe and healthy minerals including calcium and magnesium. In turn, this prevents the occurrence of bland or acid tastes, and instead gives you fresh, titillating water.

To operate the ZIP, you have to start by filling up the bottom container with cold water from your tap or well. Once you press the start button, automated water filtering will begin. This process does not take more than 10 to 15 minutes. Your top tank will, by then, have collected as much as .5 gallons of pure water. You can do this once at the start of your day, and consume fresh, uncontaminated water throughout.

The ZIP has a 50% recovery rate. This implies that the waste water generated per gallon is relatively low. For every 1 gallon of water per day, 1 gallon of waste water is drained out. In reverse osmosis systems, this recovery rate is a blessing in disguise.

In terms of maintenance, it is easy to manage. Since it is small and compact to begin with, regular cleaning of the filters and the device will be enough to sustain the device for a long period. It is also relatively easy to fix as you don’t need more than one screwdriver.


APEC reverse osmosis systems have already been mentioned previously. However, this APEC system in particular is a countertop centred device that is aimed at reducing the need for arrangements. The APEC RO-CTOP-C is said to be incredible lightweight, and is named as a portable model of ro.

The APRC is designed to be a compact device that is easy to set up and move around as a user may wish. It produces just enough water to support a small household. Water is produced on demand and there is no storage tank, which further reduces the burden of owning a heavy ro system. Its portability is particularly beneficial for those who wish to travel, yet experience the world through clean water.

The filtering process covers a range of three stages. This includes a sediment filter for blocking larger chunks of dissolved solids and heavy metals, followed by a carbon filter that acts as a cork for chemical substances. The next step is the RO membrane, which functions efficiently to get rid of dirt and other contaminants.

The last stage is operated through a carbon cartridge that ensures that all residual tastes and odors are terminated.

The countertop ro has a water capacity of 90 gallons of water per day. For a small and compact water filter, this supply is more than enough. The ro system can readily replenish a household of up to 6 family members.


A good reverse osmosis system can go a long way in ensuring that you live an enriched and healthy life. It is a known fact that water makes up 70-80% of our body. Thus, it is important that we keep the 70-80% as healthy, clean and pure as possible.

Where tank or well water may directly affect your body with impurities and chemicals, Reverse osmosis water filters will serve to disinfect this water and make sure that your water intake remains clean. Reverse osmosis systems are a health requirement, which is why they arrive in various models (under-the-sink, countertop, whole house) to fit your lifestyle.

Furthermore, one RO system can last for a long time, so you can stay free of any worries.