Aqua Filter Plus Review for 2020


The starter packs that we have here cannot do much to you. Yeah, one might think of buying a separated cartridge and fittings but it would have much reduced effect on water. Moreover, you would not be able to secure even a single penny with the help of this method. The exact thing to do at this situation is too purchase + cartridge along with fittings. That would not set anyone back even by three digits. It won’t even set you back 3 digits.

Here’s What Comes with It

This unit is quit the best especially when to go for the complete package. Things that one gets are a filter which is actually 10-inches in size and a wrench that would make the task of changing the filter much easier. Moreover, you get a whole kit of mounting. It also contains a carbon filter which is capable of removing PFCs from the water which is a nice plus-point.

If we talk about the tightening up the unit, it is a very easy work to do. It is fitted with “push-fit” which means that would snap together on their own. Screwing up of the set is not required at all. There is no requirement of soldering by you which is great relief.

The Use

Aqua Filter Plus Whole House Water Filter Being very tiny in size and having light weight helps in making it excellent for various other uses. Yeah, this is a complete home water purification unit and they can also be used on a boat or a RV. It is very easy to find the inlets and as they are universal one can connect the filter to thier boat or their RV. There are chances with those nice complete home water purifiers but those chances would not arise with this product.

Moving on, one might make connection with a few sets in sequence and enjoy variety of filters. Units in the exact category also tend to show these properties which is after all a key factor. It is very essential to get clear of various unwanted pollutants and substances which can be done easily by just letting the water flow past a number of filters.

If you ever feel like changing the filters, all you have to do is just press the button having printed “Pressure Relief”. The button will help in loosening the set while reducing the pressure which has been built. Hence, not even a single thing would break although whole body is made up of plastic. Complete sump is built from polypropylene which makes it very light in weight yet so hard. The complete unit has resistivity against chemicals. It is also independent from BPA.

What To Keep An Eye Out For

It is not heat friendly. Though it is made up of the best quality of plastic but it is not able to stand heat. Having this purifier in states in the south may result in having short-term benefits as compared to any other place.

It is recommended by the manufacturers that their product must not be exposed to temperature of 100 degrees or greater than that. That is for both the temperatures of air as well as water. Though many customers of the water purifier claim that the set can stand nasty heat but one should not try it.

As told earlier that it would be easy to install the set but that might not be the case for the newbies. There are badly written and not clear instructions. Few customers would choose to take some help from the professionals which would for sure increase the initial investment.


  • All in one – it is loaded with everything if one chose the complete package.
  • Easier to fit – giving it a twist or a turn is not required.
  • Easy to carry – great choice while living in temporary house.


  • Less durability in high temperature – body might melt if exposed to heat.
  • Hard to get the instructions – there are chances of no instructions present in somsets.


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