APEC WFS-1000 Review – All You Need To Know About It



APEK is a popular manufacturer and APEK’s WFS-1000 under sink filtration is one of their admired product.

This is a made in U.S.A product, comes with a yearlong guarantee and is WQA certified (based in CA). It has a fair price and a wide number of varieties. Easy to install and the filtration is enduring. Its 3-stage filtration system will give you great results regarding filtration of water.


APEC WFS-1000 Super Capacity Premium Quality 3 Stage Under The advanced filtration system of WFS-1000 will keep supplying you clean filtered water.

The product comes with a 10″ polypropylene sediment filter and 2×10″ extruded carbon block filters. During the first stage of filtration process the water gets filtrated from the unwanted particles like dust, rust etc.

Then water gets rid of chlorine, various tastes and odor, color and other chemical substances.

Then at the final stage, you get the water filtrated with the smallest micron rating.

Alkalinity and mineral composition of the water remains the same to make sure that the PH levels in your body remains the same.

Keep this in mind that the WFS-1000 has not been designed to remove heavy substances from water like lead and fluoride, WFS-1000 only removes the dust, rust, and chemical compounds.

Every 12 months or every year WFS-1000 needs to be maintained with few changes for its proper long lasting functioning. Although the water goes through 3 stages of filtration you’ll never notice the change in the flow of water. 20-85 PSI is the required feed water pressure. And these under-sink systems don’t produce any unwanted water waste.


You get a fully assembled system of WFS-1000 for installation. Except for the three premium filters which consist of high caliber components, you get 5 feet of food-grade tubing and a versatile ½ to 3/8-inch feed water adapters. The tubing of WFS-1000 is a FDA Certified JG Food grade.

Set has a 100% lead free chrome faucet, and the system comes with pre drilled holes so that you can easily install it in your desired position and place.

Installation and maintenance

The instructions to install WFS-1000 are easy and you’ll not face any type of struggle to install the system. Just be careful if you’re doing this type of task for the first time. You might need some additional tools while fitting the WFS-1000 so be ready with the required plumbing tools.

Check the measurements of the WFS-1000, although the system should fit properly under a standard kitchen sink. And maintaining this filter is easy as it is not that complicated to change the filter. System comes with 6 various types of filters which can be used for the 3rd filtration stage, which you can choose according to your preference.


  • Water flow is great and comes with good quality parts.
  • This is US made and a certified product.
  • Easily installed.
  • Tech support is great.
  • Clean and quality water taste due to 3 stage filtration system.


  • Faucet comes with only one stainless finish, so you might need another one.

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