APEC 5-Stage Review (ESSENCE ROES-50)



ROES-50 reverse osmosis water filtration system is a budget eccentric product which offers clean healthy quality water for your family. It comes with a 5-stage filtrating system to give you the contaminated free exceptional water. It is America’s number 1 rater water filter and is a reliable product to provide you healthy drinking water for several years.

The device ensures a clean delicious water experience. System is designed in order to give you superb performance. And the product can be easily installed under your sink.

The water this device gives can be easily used for making your coffee, tea or for your cooking. There is not much of maintenance cost involved in this device and the price is pretty affordable. The product is ready to install device and comes with fully loaded equipment. The device will also save you the time and cost of buying bottled water from the market.


99% of the contaminated items are guaranteed to get removed from your water. It gets rid of all VOCs and other various chemicals from the water. It is designed remove higher level of hormones, pharmaceutical, chlorine, foul odor, lead, arsenic, chromium, fluoride.

When you will install the device you’ll notice some reduction in the PPMs. Many of the people notice the remarkable change in the quality and taste of the water this device gives out. So these are the reason which makes this product a success among the osmosis systems.


APEC 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (Essence ROES-50) The system comes with a 5-stage filtration system to provide you with an exceptional water taste and quality. Device can be easily installed as it is already 99% assembled. All the dust, rust and sediments are removed from the water during the 1st stage process. Then later premium extruded carbon block takes care of all the foul odors, colors, VOC, chlorine in the 2nd and 3rd filtration process.

During the 4th stage of filtration process the high rejection TFC reverse osmosis membrane gets rid of unwanted bacteria, lead, fluoride, radium, viruses and much other contaminated stuff. And the residual taste in the water is removed by the advanced coconut shell refining carbon filter.

This is a 100% lead free faucet, and its double carbon blocks will guarantee you purified water and long lived filters. The product is a FDA Certified. And the filters of these device can be used for well and tap water.

Installation and maintenance

If you have some experience in plumbing then you can easily install this device, however it is easy to install this device. Or you can call tech support for any extra help you need and they will give you the instructions on how to install it. You can also view the videos to see how you can install it. As many other users experience you shall not face any difficulties installing the device.

Once in 6 months you’ll need to change 3 of the filters and the other 2 filters in time of 2-3 years, so maintaining this device is not that of an issue. You might need to drill a hole into the wall to put the faucet there. Some users might have to add remineralizing/pH balancing filters  or remineralize RO Water.


  • Made in America product and is a superb quality device.
  • Comes with fully loaded equipment and is easy to maintain and install.
  • Has a 5-stage filtrating system to give you 99% contaminated free healthy quality water.
  • Can treat both the well and tap water for you.
  • You get an extended 2 year warranty if you get yourself registered.
  • You get a great tech support with proper manuals and installation videos.
  • Value for money product and is affordable.


  • Might have to buy extra remineralizing/pH balancing filter
  • You can find some issues with its low water pressure.


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