ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600sxt 48,000 Grain Water Softener Review


A water softener like this which is featured with the most dependable digital valve meters is surely of the best quality. Technology used in the new Fleck 5600sxt is world-class and gives amazing outcomes very fast. Its design ensures to provide you soft water that provides benefits to your drinking routine and also to your hygiene.

Main Properties

ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600sxt Each of the 2 tanks of the unit are manufactured in America. Diameter of the one made of iron is about 10-inche and that is the standard size for a set like this. Another tank is the brine one which is 36 inches in diameter. And the two of them are on a warranty of ten years each which is a great news.

The resin is present below the hood. The resin is the key element which helps in softening the water. One gets about 10% more cross linked resins in the ABCwaters fleck 5600sxt. Which is quite clear that will be more effective and resistant on chlorine. Which means 2 or 3 years of more life as compared to the general 8% ones.

What Does It Remove?

The unit will not provide you chlorine-free water as it is not water purifier. The principal aim of it is softening the water and it provide you with water is free from magnesium and calcium. And calcium and magnesium are the two elements which cause the hardness of water.

However, it has no effect on iron. Which is sometimes a myth that iron leads to the hardness of water. That is false because iron is present in any public water supply. Few, water softening units may be capable of doing that.

The Contents Of The Set

Complete installation kit is easy to go through which is one of its greatest advantage. Other than the bolts and nuts, you would find many additional attachments. The additional stuff you get includes a packet of sanitizer, a silicone tube, and a strip for testing the hardness of water. You will also get a 4ft. 3/8-inch brine line.

And try not forgetting that the very important bypass valve is also coming along the unit. Moreover, one gets a book of instructions on how to install the water softener which can be followed easily. One of the drawbacks is that the it does not come with the two drain lines which are required to function the softener. You are required to buy them from a separate shop for hardware.

What To Expect

The unit is definitely high in price as compared to any brand in the local shops yet one gets a better product in quality here. You are no supposed to get surprised if you get dull water in the initial period. Although, it could be the condition for some hours. Few moments can be required by the resin to show wonders.

Another great advantage include that the unit would figure out the gallons that were utilized. Which would ensure that you will have some soft water with no worries about having an empty tank. The unit itself starts restoring when zero gallons of water remain.

We should not at all misjudge the customer care provided by the manufacturers. One would get glad when he finds that he can reach the customer care any time during the suitable hours for getting any aid about how to install, operate, and maintain the water softener.


  • ABCwaters Built Fleck 5600sxt 48,000 Grain Water Softener Review Technology of the Fleck – that is the reason that it is expensive.
  • Installation kit is loaded – almost everything is present in the kit to install it.
  • A bypass-valve is included – have no worries to buy that.
  • Very significant in softening water – magnesium and calcium free water is provided to you.
  • Counts the gallons utilized.
  • Resin is 10 percent more cross linked.
  • Customer support is great.


  • High in price- be prepared to spend some cash if you wish to get it all.
  • You are required to buy the two drain lines from a separate place.
  • Iron is not removed from the water.
  • Dull water would be there for a prolonged period.


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