Water Contaminants List and Guide

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gen, bleach, salts, pesticides, metals, toxins produced by bacteria, and human or animal drugs are all examples of chemical contaminants. Microbes or microbiological contaminants are also known as biological contaminants. Environmental Protection Agency has classified contaminants in water into 4 categories and for better regulation, EPA invites the public to nominate contaminants in the Contaminants … Read more

Can Reverse Osmosis Water Make You Sick, Bad for you?

Can Reverse Osmosis Water Make You Sick

Although there is no foolproof evidence, reverse osmosis water is most likely not harmful to your health. If you have a well-rounded diet and don’t experience severe problems like acid reflux or ulcers, drinking reverse osmosis water shouldn’t affect your overall health negatively. In this guide, we’ll discuss: – What is RO water? – The … Read more